Our Clients’ Needs

It’s how our design services are defined, by the needs of those whom we serve.

Many aspects of our role as an interior design firm, perfecting a new home or remodeling a home for a client, are not covered by interior design schools. During the past 25 years, clients have called us to fill an expanding array of roles in the creation and renovation of their homes.

When it’s a new home to be built, we meet extensively with the clients and the builder to ensure that what goes into the plan is what will enhance the clients’ lifestyle in ways they’d only dreamed about before. We encourage our clients to dream out loud, not only what they’d like their new home or home renovation to look like, but how they would like it to function for them, and what they’d like it to say about them. Then we work hand in hand with builders and suppliers to ensure that the clients’ unique preferences are being accommodated.

For examples, perhaps you’d like the convenience of a door to go straight from the pool area into the master bath’s shower. We’re doing that for a home remodel in Tustin (Orange County), waterproof and secure. How about a aquarium built into the family room bar, with easy access just by flipping open a secret panel? We did that while renovating a home in Anaheim Hills. Another dream, a teenager’s bedroom with a built-in wall of cabinet doors that neatly hide where his computer, guitars, and keyboards stay set up and ready to use. A music studio one moment, a beautiful array of custom woodwork the next. Then open it up again and he’s ready to work on his hit single. This is being conceived for a home remodel in Mission Viejo.

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